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Odisha EV Policy 2021: Incentives & Subsidies on Electric Vehicles

  • Policy Draft Notification Date: 11-02-2021
  • Policy Approval by Odisha State Cabinet Date: 27-08-2021
  • Validity: For a period of 5 Years from the Date of Notification of Policy
  • As per the Odisha Electric Vehicle Policy 2021, the subsidies offered by ODISHA Government will be in addition to the Demand Incentives provided by the Government of India under FAME II Scheme

Policy Focus

  • The Prime Objective is to achieve the adoption of 20% Electric Vehicles in the State by the Year 2025
  • To accelerate the purchase & use of Electric Vehicles especially in Two-Wheeler, Three Wheeler & LMVs Segment thereby bringing improvement in Air Quality of the whole State of Odisha
  • To promote Innovation, R & D, and manufacturing of Electric Vehicles, Batteries & related Components within the State. This will also help in the creation of Jobs
  • The policy, not just aims at Incentives related to purchasing an Electric Vehicle but extended through other verticals like Scrapping Incentives, Waiver of Road Tax & Registration Fees, Interest subvention in loans, incentives for manufacturing, incentives on setting up of charging infrastructure, etc.

Purchase Incentive (Two / Three / Four Wheelers & Buses)

S. No.Vehicle CategoryPercentage of SubsidyMaximum Subsidy Amount
1Two Wheelers15%₹5,000
2Three Wheelers15%₹12,000
3Four Wheelers15%₹1,00,000
  • 100% interest-free loans to State Government Employees on Purchase of Electric Vehicles
  • Interest Subvention for purchase of personal EVs
  • 5% Interest Subvention on Loans for Purchase of Electric Buses
  • 100% SGST reimbursement on sale of Electric Buses registered in the state during the Policy period
  • 100% Waiver on Road Tax & Registration Fees on Electric Buses for the first four years of the policy period

To avail Incentives, Two Wheelers have to fulfill the efficiency & performance criteria as mentioned in FAME II which is as follows:

S. No.CriteriaThreshold value
1Minimum Top Speed40 Km/hr
2Min. Acceleration0.65 m/sec2
3Max. Electric Energy ConsumptionNot exceeding 7.5 KW / 100 Km
4WarrantyAt least 3 Years comprehensive Warranty
inclusive of Battery from the Manufacturer

Purchase Incentive (Goods Carriages)

  • Incentive of ₹30,000 to first 5000 electric goods carriers to be registered in Odisha State
  • 5% Interest Subvention on Loans for Purchase
  • 100% SGST reimbursement on sale of Electric Goods Carriers registered in the state during the Policy period
  • 100% Waiver on Road Tax & Registration Fees during the policy period

Incentives on Manufacturing (Electric Vehicle / Battery & Related)

  • SGST reimbursement
  • For extension of incentives, necessary provisions & amendments will be made in MSME Policy 2016 & IPR 2015
  • Small & Micro BATTERY manufacturing units will be provided with the incentives as per MSME Policy 2016
  • The policy shall encourage the reuse of EV batteries that have reached the end of life and setting up of recycling business in collaboration with battery manufactures

Incentives to develop Charging Infrastructure

(A) Private Charging Points

  • Odisha Government will provide Grant for the purchase of charging equipment upto ₹5,000 for the first 20,000 personal charging points

(B) Public Charging Infrastructure

  • Government shall provide a capital subsidy of 25 % to the selected Energy Operators for the charger installation expenses. Such subsidy will be available within one year of allocation of locations
  • Special subsidy shall be allowed for first 500 Charging Stations
  • The government will also provide 100% SGST reimbursement to the Energy Operators for the purchase of batteries to be used in swapping stations
  • Nodal Agency for setting up & monitoring of charging stations will be E.I.C. Electricity

Nodal Agency for Implementation of EV Policy

The Transport Department shall be the Nodal Department for implementation of the Policy

A dedicated “EV Cell” in the Transport Department shall be established for effective implementation of the policy with relevant technical expertise

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