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Maharashtra EV Policy 2021 aims to achieve 25% public transport & last-mile delivery Vehicles to be Electric by 2025 in the five Urban Agglomerations

  • Policy Draft Notification Date: 13-07-2021
  • Validity: Validity of Maharashtra EV Policy is 31 March 2025 from the Date of Notification of Policy (reviewed and extended thereafter, as may be decided by the Govt. of Maharashtra)
  • As per the Maharashtra Electric Vehicle Policy 2021, the subsidies & incentives offered by Maharashtra Government will be eligible to vehicle models approved under FAME II Scheme (Government of India) and will be in addition to FAME II incentives
  • Policy applicable to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) only and not to Hybrid vehicles

Maharashtra EV Policy 2021

Policy Focus & Targets

  • The Prime Objective is to accelerate adoption of BEVs in the state so that they contribute to 10% of new vehicle registrations by 2025
  • To achieve 25% public transport & last-mile delivery Vehicles to be Electric by 2025 in the five Urban Agglomerations (Greater Mumbai UA, Pune UA, Nagpur UA, Nashik UA, and Aurangabad UA) with a higher share of PM2.5 emissions
Maharashtra EV Policy Targets
Maharashtra EV Policy Targets
  • To establishment of at least one Gigafactory for the manufacturing of advanced chemistry cell (ACC) batteries in the state
  • To convert 15% of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation’s (MSRTC) existing bus fleet4 to electric
  •  To promote research and development (R&D), innovation, and skill development across the EV ecosystem in the state
  • To make Maharashtra the country’s top producer of BEVs in India, in terms of annual production capacity
  • To engage and encourage financial institutions and banks to offer preferential interest rates for EV customer segments like e-autos, goods carriers, and taxis

Demand Side (Purchase) Incentives

Maharashtra EV Policy Purchase Incentives on Electric Vehicles
Maharashtra EV Policy Purchase Incentives on Electric Vehicles
  • For vehicles sold without battery, 50% of the incentive amount shall be provided to the vehicle OEM and the remaining incentive amount (up to 50%) shall be provided to the battery swapping energy operator. The vehicle OEMs should pass on all the incentive benefits to the EV buyers
  • All the EVs sold in the state shall be exempted from road tax till the duration of the policy
  • All the EVs sold in the state shall be exempted from the payment of fees for purpose of issue or renewal of registration certificate

Buyers purchasing the EVs (except e-buses) before 31st Dec 2021 shall be eligible for ‘Early bird discount’ of 5,000 per kWh of the Vehicle Battery Capacity (Capped at 1,00,000)

  • The vehicles eligible for demand incentives under this policy will be eligible for the scrappage incentive
  • No permits shall be required for e-Autos (In compliance to Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ notification dated 18th October, 2018)
Vehicle Segment-wise Scrappage Incentives (Maharashtra EV Policy)
Vehicle Segment-wise Scrappage Incentives (Maharashtra EV Policy)

Incentives on Extended Battery Warranty and Buyback Agreement

  • The Maharashtra EV policy will provide OEMs additional incentives (to be transferred to the customers) for offering a minimum 5 year warranty for batteries on Electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers
  • OEMs who offer buyback schemes for vehicles which are up to 5 years old at a value reduced by not more than 7.5% per year of the age will be eligible for additional incentives on e-2W and e-3W
  • An OEM can avail both the incentives simultaneously, however the total incentive amount will be limited to ₹12,000
Assured Buyback and Battery Warranty Incentives on e-2W & e-3W
Assured Buyback and Battery Warranty Incentives on e-2W & e-3W

Charging Infrastructure Incentives

Charging Infrastructure Incentives (Maharashtra EV Policy)
Charging Infrastructure Incentives (Maharashtra EV Policy)
  • Public (PCS) and Semi-public (SPCS) charging stations will be eligible for demand incentives only after commencement of the operation of the station
  • Public and semi-public charging stations availing FAME II charging infrastructure incentive will not be eligible for these incentives
  • The tariff applicable for all the EV charging stations and battery swapping stations in the state shall be as per Orders issued by Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory commission (MERC)
  • EV charging stations should be considered as amenities and further amenity spaces should be earmarked for EV charging stations in the Development plans for the cities

Supply Side (Manufacturing) Incentives

  • All the benefits under ‘D+’ category of mega projects/other categories will be provided to Electric Vehicle manufacturing industries (component manufacturing, vehicle assembly, battery assembly, cell manufacturing, electronics parts manufacturing, recycling of EVs and EV batteries, etc.) irrespective of location of manufacturing unit in the state
  • Government of Maharashtra will endeavour to offer competitive incentives that significantly enhance/complement the incentives offered under GoI’s PLI scheme
  • To create an ecosystem for environment-friendly scrapping of vehicles (including electric vehicles) and plans to prepare a ‘State Scrapping Policy’

Other Benefits

  • New residential buildings will be mandated to have at least 20% of the total parking spaces as EV ready16, of which 30% should be in common parking spaces or parking spaces unallotted to any individual residence owner
  • Developers of new residential projects would be required to give option of buying EV-ready parking from 2022 onwards
  • All dedicated off-road public parking spaces shall convert at least 25% of their total capacity to be EV ready by 2023
  • All institutional and commercial complexes shall convert at least 25% of their total parking spaces to be EV ready by 2023
  • All government office complexes shall convert 100% of their total parking spaces to be EV ready at the earliest, but not later than 2025
  • All the future public parking spaces, allotted by bidding process, shall provide free parking to all the EVs

State EV Fund & Nodal Agency for Implementation of EV Policy

  • The Government of Maharashtra aims to create a ‘State EV Fund’. The Fund shall be used to promote EV adoption, including providing incentives for EVs and EV infrastructure. The State EV Fund will aggregate the funds allocated from different instruments like Green tax and Green cess.
  • The Financial outlay of the policy is ₹930 Crores
  • An apex Steering Committee of the Government of Maharashtra shall guide and monitor the implementation of the policy. Steering Committee shall be supported by a dedicated team, or a secretariat called the “Maharashtra State EV Secretariat”

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