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Chandigarh EV Policy 2022 aims to register only Electric two-wheelers & Electric Autos by 2024 end

The policy vision is to enable zero emission mobility adoption for achieving carbon neutrality in Chandigarh by 2030

  • Policy Effective from: 20 September 2022
  • Validity: Chandigarh EV Policy 2022 is valid for a period of five years from the date of notification. The incentives shall be extended only for the policy period unless otherwise stated/notified
  • As per the Chandigarh Electric Vehicle Policy 2022, the subsidies & incentives offered by UT Chandigarh will be in addition to incentives available in FAME II incentives of Government of India. Applicable only to those Electric Vehicles (EV) & Hybrid Vehicles (HV) which are Purchased and registered in Chandigarh

Chandigarh EV Policy 2022

Vision & Mission

  • Vision: To enable zero emission mobility adoption for achieving carbon neutrality in Chandigarh by 2030
  • Mission: To provide an enabling framework through incentives and initiatives for promoting zero emission mobility with societal, economic and environmental considerations at forefront

Chandigarh Electric Vehicle Policy Objectives

  • Chandigarh Administration have implemented “Electric Vehicle Policy 2022” to establish UT Chandigarh as a ‘Model EV City’ by achieving one of the highest penetration of zero emission vehicles amongst all Indian cities by the end of the Policy period
  • To accelerate adoption of EVs in the UT so that they contribute to 70% of new vehicle registrations by the end of policy period
  • To leverage the cycling track infrastructure of city for promoting usage of Electric Bicycles as a replacement of 2/4W especially for short trips
  • To establish wide network of Charging points by enabling availability of power supply and related processes
  • To harness the New & Renewable Energy sources for charging of EVs to positively impact the indirect emissions
  • To enable fleet operators like E-commerce companies, last-mile delivery/logistics players and mobility aggregators transition to zero emission vehicles
  • To nurture skill development, R&D and startup for electric mobility space in the UT
  • To develop a communication plan focused on driving awareness regarding the key elements of this policy and the benefits of adopting EVs

Policy Targets

To support adoption of Electric Vehicles in every vehicle category prioritizing phase-wise transition with following targets:

Chandigarh EV Policy Targets
Chandigarh EV Policy Targets

Purchase Incentives and Scrappage Incentives

Subsidy on Electric Vehicles in Chandigarh
  • Road Tax and registration fees shall be waived for all eligible vehicles registered during the period of this policy
  • All electric vehicles registered in Chandigarh shall be issued a green number plate
  • All Vehicles (Electric & Hybrid) purchased on or after notification of this policy are eligible for incentives
  • Disbursement of incentives will start after notification of the policy with immediate effect
Scrapping Incentive Eligibility Criteria

Registered owner of Electric Vehicles shall be eligible for a Scrapping Incentive.

This shall be applicable only if the scrapped vehicle is:
a) of same vehicle category as of Electric Vehicle
b) registered in Chandigarh.

Early Bird Incentive

To drive quick adoption of Electric Vehicles and maximize reduction of Vehicle pollution, the policy provides for special Early Bird incentives as follows:

  1. e-Bicycle: ₹2,000 (Capping limit is ₹2,000)
  2. e-2W, e-Cart, e-Autos, e Goods Carrier (L5N and N1), e-4W (personal & commercial): ₹3,500 per KWh (Capping limit is ₹50,000)

VALIDITY: Electric Vehicles registered on or before 31st March 2023 are eligible for early bird scheme benefits

Charging Infrastructure Incentives

Charging Infrastructure Incentives (Chandigarh EV Policy)
Charging Infrastructure Incentives (Chandigarh EV Policy)

Startup Incentives

Startup Incentives (Chandigarh EV Policy)
Startup Incentives (Chandigarh EV Policy)

Other Key-points of Policy

  1. Inclusion of E-Buses to CTU Bus Fleet All new bus procurement and end of life replacement to the CTU Bus Fleet will be electric only
  2. Government vehicles and Municipal vehicle fleets to be electrified in a phase wise manner
  3. Administrator of Chandigarh shall promote industry led CoEs for advance electric and automotive research in partnership with leading academic institutions/angel networks/ industry partners in Chandigarh
  4. The Policy shall encourage the reuse of EV batteries that have reached the end of their life and setting up of recycling businesses in collaboration with battery
  5. Chandigarh Administration, in partnership with relevant/interested OEMs and service providers, shall develop skill enhancement centers for delivering vocational courses on the EV ecosystem. The skill enhancement centers will aim to train the ICE mechanics/workforce in repairing and servicing of EVs and charging stations

EV Fund & Implementation of EV Policy

The Chandigarh Administration aims to create a ‘UT EV Fund‘. The Fund shall be used to promote EV adoption, including providing incentives for EVs and EV infrastructure. The UT EV Fund will aggregate the funds by following ways:

1) Through annual Budgetary Provision by UT administration

2) Allocated funds from combination of Clean Air Fee/Cess :
a. Road tax applicable to all ICE vehicles only,
b. Conventional Fuel,
c. Electricity
d. Liquor

UT Electric Vehicle Implementation Committee will be operationally supported by a dedicated Electric Vehicle Cell under the leadership of CEO, CREST. An Officer In-charge for Electric Vehicle will be engaged to play a pivotal role in day-to-day monitoring and implementation of projects towards achieving the objectives of the Electric Vehicle Policy

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