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Mahindra ZOR Grand Electric Cargo three Wheeler (L5N) with full metal body launched at ₹3.60 lakhs

This last mile delivery cargo solution from the house of Mahindra have best-in-class Power & Gradeability and comes with excellent Torque

Mahindra ZOR Grand comes under the Electric Cargo Category from the house of Mahindra Electric Mobility (a part of 19 Billion Dollar Mahindra Group) to promote Electric Vehicles (EV) in India

Mahindra Electric is a global pioneer in the development and production of electric vehicles. Mahindra Electric is India’s only EV manufacturer with indigenously developed EV technologies that have won global accolades.

Over the years, Mahindra Electric has developed one of the most diversified portfolios of electric vehicles with the e2o Plus hatch, the Treo range of 3-wheelers, Alfa 3-wheelers and the electrified eVerito sedan for the passenger & the commercial segment. Venturing into the paradigm of alternative technology has helped Mahindra Electric enable a clean, green and a smarter tomorrow for India.

At the launch event Suman Mishra, CEO of Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited said, “The last mile delivery and logistics segment has seen a need for premium and high-quality electric vehicles to enable reliable and cost-effective cargo transportation. We are excited to launch our all-new Zor Grand to effectively address these demands. It offers a power-packed performance and enables us and our stakeholders to meet their sustainability goals.”

So without much ado, let’s dive into the complete details of Mahindra ZOR Grand e-3W Cargo:

Mahindra ZOR Grand

Mahindra ZOR Grand Electric Cargo

Mahindra ZOR Grand comes under L5N Category as per CMVR rules 1989

Mahindra ZOR Grand Variants / Models

Mahindra ZOR Grand is available three Variants:

  1. Mahindra ZOR Grand DV: The closed body Delivery Van (DV) Variant which further available in two options according to loading capacity – 170 Cu feet DV & 140 Cu feet DV
  2. Mahindra ZOR Grand PU: The Pick-up (PU) Variant
  3. Mahindra ZOR Grand FB: The Flat-bed (FB) Variant

Mahindra ZOR Grand Specifications

Motor (IP67 Rated)
12 KW (Peak Power)
Battery (IP67 Rated)
10.24 KWh (Li-ion 48 V)
Peak Torque
50 Nm
Charging Time
4 Hrs (0 to 100%)
(With Home Socket)
11.5 Degrees
Mahindra ZOR Grand Range / Mileage
100 Kms / full Charge (True Range)
153 Kms / full Charge (Certified Range)
Mahindra ZOR Grand Top Speed
50 Kms / Hr

Loading Capacity
500-550 Kgs (By Weight)
140-170 Cu feet (By Volume)

Mahindra ZOR Grand Features

Vehicle Dimensions & Weight
  • Vehicle Dimensions (mm):

3425 (L) X 1505 (W) X 2295 (H) – Delivery Van 140 Cubic feet

3475 (L) X 1590 (W) X 2490 (H) – Delivery Van 170 Cubic feet

3425 (L) X 1460 (W) X 1755 (H) – Pickup

3426 (L) X 1590 (W) X 1755 (H) – Flat Bed

  • Wheelbase – 2200 mm
  • Ground clearance – 180 mm
  • Wheel track – 1260 mm
  • Vehicle kerb weight – 580 Kgs.
  • Vehicle GVW – 998 Kgs.

Delivery Van Box Size:

1864 mm (L) x 1444 mm (W) x 1488 mm (H) – Delivery Van 140 Cubic feet

1904 mm (L) x 1545 mm (W) x 1649 mm (H) – Delivery Van 170 Cubic feet

Pickup Cargo Tray Size:

1828 mm (L) x 1397 mm (W) x 278 mm (H)

Flat Bed Size:

1931 mm (L) x 1563 mm (W)

Suspension & Brakes
  • Suspension (Front): Helical Spring & Hydraulic Shock Absorber
  • Suspension (Rear): Rubber Spring & Hydraulic Damper
  • Brakes (Front/ Rear): Hydraulic Drum
  • Parking Brake: Mechanical Lever Type
Other Features
  • Windscreen & wiping system
  • Spare wheel provision
    Driving modes – FNR (Forward, Neutral, Reverse)
  • Economy & boost mode
  • Lockable glove box
  • 12 V socket
  • Telematics unit & GPS
  • Offboard charger
  • Hazard indicator
  • Cabin light
  • Bottle Holder
  • Reverse Buzzer
  • clutch less & gearless automatic transmission
  • noiseless & vibration-free ride
  • 6 Feet loading tray
  • 3-side opening cargo tray – easy loading and unloading
  • Strong metal body
  • weatherproof design with cabin doors
  • Modern design
  • attractive colours
  • trendy new look
  • Digital instrument cluster (that shows State of Charge (SoC), range, speedometer, battery health indicator and the tell-tale lights)
  • NEMO App – A connected vehicle platform for end-to-end fleet management and better operational efficiency (Geolocation, Geofencing, Vehicle & Driver Performance Management, etc.)

Mahindra ZOR Grand Maintenance Cost

As per the company the maintenance cost is just 25 paisa/km (* when compared with Diesel cargo three-wheeler over a span of 5 years)

Save up to INR 6,00,000 in ownership costs in five years compared with diesel and up to INR 3,00,000 compared with CNG cargo three-wheelers


Mahindra ZOR Grand comes with a Vehicle Warranty of 3 Years / 80,000 kms

The Battery comes with a warranty of 5 Years / 1,50,000 Kms

Mahindra ZOR Grand Price in India

Mahindra ZOR Grand Price (Ex-Showroom) starts with ₹3,60,000 (USD $4547)

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Mahindra ZOR Grand Dealership / Showroom in India

Mahinda Electric has 800 plus Showrooms / Dealerships / Mahindra Touch Points across India

The company is targeting to come up with more such Dealerships and Showroom cum Touch Points on pan India basis

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Mahindra ZOR Grand Bookings

Mahindra has 12,000+ bookings of the ZOR Grand through strategic MOU with leading logistic companies like Mahindra Logistics, Magenta EV Solutions, MoEVing, EVnow, Yelo EV, Zyngo and more. This unwavering trust in the Mahindra ZOR Grand has been enabled by strong in-house competencies in the areas of battery, motor and telematics backed by rigorous validation and experience of putting more than 50,000+ 3-wheeler EVs on the road

Deliveries are set to begin from September 2022

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