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Bosch unveils New 230 Electric Motor for Commercial Vehicles with Rated Voltage of 800 Volts

New Bosch 230 Electric Motor for Commercial & Medium Duty Vehicles

  • Bosch unveils New 230 Electric Motor (Powertrain) for Commercial & Medium-duty Electric Vehicles on September 21st 2021 at Motor Bella 2021 Auto-Expo
  • The Auto Expo Motor Bella started on 21-September-2021 & will end on 26-September-2021. The Auto Expo is taking place at Pontiac City Michigan
  • The new 230 electric motor has a rated voltage of 800 volts and is designed for long service life

Hairpin winding technology is used in the stator as well as combined oil-water cooling to optimizing the continuous power density to enable a compact design and easy integration into electric rigid axles

  • The rotor and stator are internally oil-cooled and the active parts are installed in a water-cooling jacket
  • The new 230 Electric Motor will be available in power ratings between 150 KW and 230 KW Continuous Output
  • Desingned especially for Commercial & Medium-duty Electric Vehicles

Bosch uses an advanced inverter with silicon carbide (SiC) technology

Silicon carbide chips used in power electronics can improve the efficiency of the battery powertrain by as much as 6%

New Bosch 230 electric motor and inverter (When Combined) with silicon carbide technology offers system efficiency up to 97%.

  • Bosch is the first one to make this possible for commercial vehicle applications, resulting in increased Range or saved Battery Capacity

Bosch’s Massive Investment to develop Electrical Mobility Solutions

In the Current Year of 2021, Bosch will spend $800 million (700 million euro) on developing electrical mobility solutions, including fuel cells, an increase of nearly 40 percent over 2020. In North America, Bosch has continued its commitment to its mobility customers by investing more than $250 million in capital expenditures in 2021

What Executive Vice President (Bosch), Mr. Paul Thomas says:

“When it comes to electromobility, the Bosch portfolio covers a vast array of possibilities to support our customers in bringing new electrified solutions to the market.”

He further added, “From powertrains to steering systems to brakes, Bosch’s portfolio includes all the building blocks for the electrification of vehicles and allows for a seamless integration into our customer’s various electrical and vehicle architectures.”

What else from Bosch for Electrical Mobility Solutions

  • Bosch e-Bike fully connected eBike Smart System for the mobility
  • Fuel cell technology to carry heavy loads farther
  • Braking technology for current and future EVs
  • Battery in the Cloud – Better performance and longer life for EV batteries
  • Virtual Visor system enhances visibility and safety
  • MPC3 multi-purpose camera — intelligent technology for automated mobility
  • Automated Valet Parking – The driverless parking service
  • Detroit Smart Parking Lab – Collaboration for real-world automated and EV charging testing

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