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Aventose Energy unveils S110 Electric Scooter designed rugged for all Indian terrain types at a Price of ₹85,000

S110 Electric Scooter launched with the punchline - "Crafted for all Seasons and Reasons"

Aventose Energy unveils S110 Electric Scooter on October 10th, 2021

The S110 (S One Ten) Electric Scooter is the first one from the house of Aventose

The Electric Scooter is designed for wider adoption with a Target to sell 1.5 million units per year by 2026

All the design and developments are based on the detailed inputs from the customers and their five pain points:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Durability,
  • Adoptability
  • Versatility

Aventose Energy S110 Electric Scooter

S110 Price

S110 Electric Scooter has been priced at ₹85,000 (USD $1128) including FAME II subsidies provided by the Government of India

Most of the states have already announced their EV Policy. So the S110 (S One Ten) Price can be further reduced from ₹85,000 considering State Purchase Incentives / Subsidy applicable for EV buyers

Considering State Subsidies:

S110 Price in Maharashtra will be ₹75,000

S110 Price in Delhi will be ₹75,000

S110 Price in Gujarat will be ₹65,000

S110 Price in Rajasthan will be ₹80,000

S110 Price in Assam will be ₹65,000

S110 Price in Odisha will be ₹80,000

S110 Price in West Bengal will be ₹65,000

S110 Price in Bihar will be ₹65,000

S110 Price in Meghalaya will be ₹65,000

S110 Mileage / Driving Range

Mileage / Driving Range is 100 Kms when Driving on ECO mode

S110 Top Speed

The Electric Scooter can achieve a Top Speed of 60 Kms/hr

S110 Powertrain (Motor)

The S110 Powertrain/drivetrain has a mid-mounted 3KW PSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous) Motor with a compound gear system with an optimal gear ratio thereby providing efficiency greater than 90%. The Peak Torque is 150 Nm

S110 Battery & Charging Time

The S110 (S One Ten) Electric Scooter comes with 2KWh of Removable/Portable (Swappable) Lithium-ion Battery and Portable Charger

Charging Time from 0% to 100% is 4 Hours

Charging Time from 0% to 80% is 2.5 Hours

The portable battery can be conveniently removed and charged at any regular 5A Socket (just like Mobiles & laptops). The Electric Scooter can also be charged directly with a power outlet on the ground floor which offers the flexibility to charge the sit at home, apartments, offices, restaurants, etc. without depending on charging and swapping infrastructure

Both Motor & Battery are IP67 rated to safeguard from commute through potholes or waterlogged roads or bad terrain of any sort

Aventose Energy S110 Electric Scooter
S110 Electric Scooter

S110 Warranty

The internal component, the Motor, and the Battery comes with a Warranty of 3 years

Key Features & Specifications

  • Provides safe ergonomics for all riders to prevent long term shoulder, back and elbow pain
  • Hydraulic front and rear shock suspension reduces shock transfer to the body
  • Front handle can be adjusted for comfortable posture
  • Seat with extra cushioning & Extra Seat Length
  • Designed to be rugged, safe, unisex and multi-age Electric Two-Wheeler for city and rural markets
  • Seat height is low for easy access to the ground for riders of all genders and height
  • Large Leg-room
  • Front and Rear disc Brakes with Combi brake system for smooth, efficient and safe braking
  • Alloy Wheels with 17″ large Tyres which lowers the pot-hole impact
  • High ground clearance for all terrains
  • Rugged Chasis (with 42 mm Parallel pipes for extra Strength & Durability)
  • Safe Mode Feature: In adverse Climatic Conditions, the vehicle actively senses any abnormal rise in temperature in the critical components and automatically switches the vehicle to Safe Mode. The Safe Mode restricts the speed of the vehicle to 25 Kms/hr and also reduces the power output of the vehicle to enable quicker cooling of the component while the vehicle is still in operation. Thus you can continue your commute safely without causing any damage to the critical come
  • Fall Detection Feature: The Fall Detection Feature actively disables the motor when the vehicle has fallen down. This is a safeguard mechanism to prevent any unintended acceleration of the vehicle as it’s being picked up. Once the vehicle is upright and restarted, normal operation of the vehicle is assumed
  • Regenerative Braking: It has Regenerative braking system in addition to an efficient forward propulsion system. When the throttle is led gone. the kinetic energy of the vehicle is used to charge the battery on the fligh. Considering different riding profile, the regenerative braking can offer a range boost of 4 to 6 Kms in city driving style
  • The regenerative braking also introduces Engine Braking effect which helps riders get better control and stability, especially during downhill and during cornering
  • Long Standby Time: The system has been designed in such a way that when the vehicle is turned off, the entire system is Shut-Off, thereby the energy in the battery is retained for several weeks with very minimal self discharge. So there are no worries about the vehicle discharged after returning back from long Vacation
  • When the charge on the vehicle is lower than 30%, there is an option of entering into the Safe mode. The safe mode reduces the power output of the vehicle and also restricts. speed to 25 Kms/hr. thereby reducing the overall consumption of the system. This helps with that extra few kilometres you need to complete your commute
  • The Vehicle designed in such a way that it can be serviced easily and in a faster manner

About Aventose Energy

The company Aventose (means “A Venture to Save Earth“) Energy was formed to design and develop EV products indigenously in India and to come up with Rugged Electric Mobility Solutions keeping in mind all Indian terrain types

The team behind Aventose consists of Mr. Vilas Tank (Founder & CEO), Gayatri Soni (Co-Founder), Mr. Nikhil Warwadekar (Design Head – Mechanical), and Mr. Geeth Prajwal Reddy P (Design Head – Electrical)

In the words of Mr. Vilas Tank (On the Occasion of S110 launch): “We all are aware of effects of pollution on the environment. In the next ten years, we must reduce carbon emission by fifty percent, in order to prevent the collapse of the earth’s ecosystem. With this vision in mind, we started Aventose with ten years product and technology roadmap. We plan to start with Scooters, then Motorcycles followed by Three-wheelers, and then grow to other cleantech products outside the realm of Electric Vehicles”

  • The company is coming up with its Experience Centers in Chennai & Bengaluru in January 2022
  • Aventose is planning to open its Dealerships from April 2022 Pan India
  • The company is also offering a one-stop solution for financing and insurance needs

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