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Mahindra Treo

  • Brand: Mahindra
  • Mileage: 130 Kms/full charge
  • Top Speed: 55 Kms/hr
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Seating Capacity: Driver+3
  • Running Cost: 50 paisa/km*
  • Warranty: 3 Years*
  • Price (Ex-Showroom): ₹ 2.60 – 2.70 Lakh**
*conditions apply. **prices may vary.

Description & Features

Mahindra Treo – A Powerful and Feature Rich Electric Auto

Mahindra Treo is the new age revolutionary Mahindra three Wheeler range of Electric Rickshaws, Electric Autos and Electic Cargo (or in simple words a pickup or a Loader or a Cart) from the house of Mahindra Electric Mobility (a part of 19 Billion Dollar Mahindra group) to promote Electric Vehicles (EV) in India.


Here, it is to be noted that Mahindra Treo is based on Mahindra Electric’s most  utilized  EV  architectures platform named MESMA 48.


Mahindra Treo – An Electric Auto

In the Electric Auto (e Auto) segment, Mahindra Electric Mobility provides Treo in two Models / Variants:

(1) Mahindra Treo (SFT)

(2) Mahindra Treo (HRT)

As per  CMVR (Central Motor Vehicle Rules), Mahindra Treo comes under L5M (e Auto) category of vehicle.


Mahindra Treo “SFT and HRT” – Main Difference

The ONLY difference between Mahindra Treo SFT and HRT is in its Roof Type.


Mahindra Treo SFT comes with a Weather-resistant Flexible Canopy whereas Mahindra Treo HRT comes with Hard Top.


Mahindra Treo Battery

Mahindra Treo comes with a 48V Lithium-ion Battery having a capacity of 7.37 KWh and takes around  3 Hours 50 Mins to get a full charge. The minimum Battery life is 1,50,000 Kms.


Mahindra Treo Energy Consumption

The Electric Energy consumption of Mahindra Treo is 5.80 KWh per 100Kms.


Mahindra Treo Charger

Mahindra Treo comes with a 15 Amp Portable Charger which means that you can charge your Mahindra E Auto at your home itself just like charging your Mobile Phone.


Mahindra Treo Warranty

The warranty for Mahindra Treo is 3 Years or 80,000 Kms whichever earlier


Mahindra Treo Price

Mahindra Treo cost in India (Ex-Showroom) is ₹ 2.60 – 2.70 Lakh**.

Due to Hard Roof Top, the HRT model of Mahindra Treo is around  ₹ 9k to ₹ 10k higher than SFT model.

**conditions apply


Mahindra Treo Features

  • In-built rear crash guard
  • Side Doors for Safety of passengers
  • Corrosion-free modular SMC panels
  • NEMO (Cloud-based Next-Generation Mobility platform) for vehicle tracking and monitoring
  • Comes with Regenerative Braking System
  • Hazard Indicator
  • 15 Amp Off-board Charger
  • Telematics Unit & GPS
  • 12V Socket
  • Wind Screen & Wiping System
  • Grab Handles
  • Spare Wheel Provision
  • Lockable Glove Box
  • Driving Modes – LMH (Low/Medium/High) Speed
  • Motor Protection Classis IP67
  • Acceleration is 0-20 km/h in 2.3 seconds



If your budget is below 2 lakhs, you may consider Mahindra’s E Rickshaw Range which is Mahindra Treo Yaari




Vehicle Type

3 Wheeler

Vehicle Segment


CMVR Category of Vehicle

L5M (Auto)

Seating Capacity


Roof Type

Flexible Top (Model – SFT), Hard Top (Model – HRT)

Overall Length (mm)

2766 (Model – HRT), 2769 (Model – SFT)

Overall Width (mm)


Overall Height (mm)

1750 (Model – SFT), 1757 (Model – HRT)

Wheel Base (mm)


Ground Clearance (mm)


Turning Radius (m)


Energy Consumption(KWh/100KM)


Gross Vehicle Mass (Kgs.)


Kerb Weight (kgs.)

377 (Model – SFT), 387 (Model – HRT)

Pay Load (Kgs.)


Mileage (Kms per full Charge)


Top Speed (Km/ h)


Gradeability (Degrees)


Battery Type


Battery Voltage


Battery Capacity (KWh)


Battery Capacity (Ah)


Charging Time

3 Hrs 50 Mins

Motor Peak Power (KW)


Torque (Nm)



Direct Drive

Suspension (Front)

Helical Spring+Dampener+Hydraulic Shock Absorber

Suspension (Rear)

Rigid Axle with Leaf Spring



Tyres (Front)

12" Wheel Rim

Tyres (Rear)

12" Wheel Rim

All Tyres Interchangeable


Emission Type

No Emission (Green Vehicle)

Frequently Asked Questions


The main difference between Mahindra Treo SFT and HRT is in its Roof Type.

Mahindra Treo SFT comes with a Weather-resistant Flexible Canopy whereas Mahindra Treo HRT comes with Hard Top. You can choose any model as per your requirement. The price for HRT model is around ₹9k to ₹10k higher than SFT model.

To get the detailed Specifications, please follow the link below:

Mahindra Treo Specifications



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